Light and Shadows | Window Light | Laura Morita Photography

I’m so excited to be starting a new blog circle adventure with this fabulously talented group of photographers! We want to push ourselves this year with exploring light. Each month, we will pick a different type of light, and post images that we have shot using that type of light! This month, our theme is window light! We chose window light this month since for many people across the United States, the weather has been less than sunny and warm, so shooting indoors seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately for me, I was busy shooting outside since the weather has been fabulous. So, alas, I didn’t have too many window light images. Thankfully I had a cooperative cat. Let’s get started! These were actually shot on Christmas day, but seeing I didn’t have too many of my kids in window light, I’m including it. I visited my sweet friend who just so happens to have a darling son and a gorgeous kitchen with lovely window light. Score. This cat spends most nights outside all night, and then sleeps on our bed all day. Silly kitty. And I think these count as window light? A couple of quick shots of my […]

Pictures | Laura Morita Photography

The holidays have ended and things have simmered back down. I finally have a little time to blog some recent favorites. First, my family. My insane, crazy, chaotic, annoying, hilarious, perfect perfect family. This Christmas the entire Morita family converged upon the same area all at once, for the first time ever. We have never gotten a family picture that included every member of our family…until now. And this was no easy task. We had to figure out a color scheme. We needed to coordinate without appearing matchy matchy. We needed a location that accommodate our big family. We needed a miracle. And um, yeah, it helped to have someone who just so happens to know how to photoshop, as multiple head swaps were in order. Go me! The favorite family member is on the far left, in case you were wondering. Dang, I love those people. Every single one of them. I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing (and beautiful) family. They make me whole. Getting pictures of my kids lately has been entirely tricky. They know all my tricks, and simply aren’t interested in supporting my photographer obsession. Shame on them. So, I get what I […]

2014 5×7 monthly calendar templates for Photoshop

They’re cute. They make amazing client gifts. And hey, your family will think they’re pretty snazzy too. And $20 is an outrageous deal. Want it? Go get it RIGHT HERE. I like to print them as loose 5×7’s, box them, and put the current month in the frame with an easel. This is my set up: You can also print them as 5×7 spiral bound books from Color Inc. They are super cute! The cover is mounted on styrene so it’s really durable. Be aware that the top 1/4″ of your image is in the binding. It doesn’t affect the image, really, but just wanted you to know. Go get it RIGHT HERE.