Apr 10

Blogging is hard | Family Photography | Laura Morita Photography

I don’t know about you, but I’m busy. I barely have time to post my images on Facebook, let alone keep up an active blog whilst working, cleaning, playing, photographing, editing… Oh my goodness, I literally just remembered I had laundry to fold, so left to go do that. How on earth do people blog consistently? But I’m going to try. I figure I have tons and tons of happy pictures of my kids. I have family photographs of clients, my own family, my kids, my friends. And they are sitting on my hard drive or on Facebook, while my poor blog gets neglected. I need to share more often! I figured I start off my newfound bloggery (is that a word???) with pictures from a recent weekend adventure where I went to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and the cutest little niece that has ever existed. I knew I had to go visit when I heard my niece was doing something I never in a million years would have thought she would do. When she was little, she was highly anxious. She was scared of a looooot of things, even afraid to go into restaurants and could hardly look you in […]

Family Photography | Laura Morita Photography

This is my third time photographing this family, and I hope I can do this every year forever, because well, you’ll see. They’re just beautiful people. The little boy has two different colored eyes and the longest lashes and the sweetest little personality and oh my goodness….when he got out of the car and his beautiful mom introduced him to me (I  haven’t seen him in two years), he came right up to me and said “Hello Miss Laura,” and then he wrapped his teeny little arms around my neck and gave me the sweetest hug and gave me the most darling smile. Seriously??? I was in love instantly and if I thought I could have outrun them, I may have just gone and taken him, because because… well, you’ll see. The interesting thing about this particular family session was how it started. I have to say this is my first photography session where I had to call 911. Yep. That’s right. 911. And it wasn’t because it was an emergency that this family was so beautiful. When I first got there, I heard some popping and looked over and saw a fire. I honestly thought it was a controlled […]

Sky overlays, cloud brushes, photoshop actions, and video tutorials

I’m pretty dang excited about these sky overlays, cloud brushes, actions, and video tutorials. They will change the way you approach adding skies to your images. Check out this quick video to get a little bit of an overview on some of the things that you can do with this bundle. Ready to buy? Head on over to SHINE WORKSHOP and check them out!