I believe that all you need is love.

And wine.

And obviously, a camera.

Nah. All you need is love…

I’m Laura.

I love to laugh and hear laughter.

I am hilarious…. HEE-LAIR-EE-OUS.

I’m probably not as funny as I think I am….

But that’s unlikely.

I care deeply.

I love my family with the power of a gazillion suns.

I was born to be a mother.

I really love kids.  I mean, I REALLY enjoy hanging out with those critters.

All of my three siblings are teachers. So is my dad.

I’m a physical therapist….

But I’m also a teacher.

I have presented for Canon in their San Francisco location and am writing articles for them this year. You can read them RIGHT HERE.
I also was a platform speaker at Click Away 2014.
I am a featured photographer in Life in Natural Light.
I teach editing workshops, and do one on one mentoring and portfolio reviews.

I love family, friends, and love.

I love capturing that joy. Love it.



Laura Morita Photography - child and family photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area