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Gosh, I love this little blog circle. Each month, we explore a different type of lighting. All of us have been waiting for that bright ball of fiery light to grace our skies because, come on, who doesn’t love backlighting? Here in California, we could have done a backlighting post months ago, because, well, because we’re in Sunny California, home of the sun. It lives here. Almost permanently apparently. But because the rest of the world was shrouded in clouds, we had to wait. But, it’s JUNE now, so guess what? We’re all golden.

Perhaps you don’t know me, and perhaps you don’t know that I have just embarked on an underwater journey. But I have. And I’m in deep, so to speak.

I recently got SPL waterhousing for my Canon 5DMkIII and have taken that bad boy out into the water a total of three times, well, four, if you count my testing it in my sink.

I still have a lot to learn, but I am already so freaking thrilled with what I have been able to create, not only in camera, but through editing. I find that editing images shot underwater presents a unique challenge, and by gum, I’m addicted.

Did I just say “by gum?”

Let’s move past that.

So the underwater journey has just begun, and I’m discovering that backlighting is amazing not only on land, but in the water. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Laura Morita Photography | Underwater Kids | Editing Mentor

And while I shared this before, I’ll share it again, because it’s a wonderful example of backlighting under the water.Laura Morita Photography | Underwater Kids | Editing Mentor

And seriously? Look how amazing images look underwater with a little backlighting?

Laura Morita Photography | Underwater Kids | Editing Mentor

Can I get an “Amen?”

Laura Morita Photography | Underwater Kids | Editing MentorI asked her to do a somersault, and this is what happened. Not what I imagined, but I love them more than what I imagined. I love that about photographing kids.

Laura Morita Photography | Underwater Kids | Editing MentorLaura Morita Photography | Underwater Kids | Editing MentorAnd this one makes my heart sort of beat a little faster. I told her I wanted to get a closeup of her and asked her to take off her goggles and just look peaceful. The bubbles on her eyelashes make my heart go pitter pat.

Laura Morita Photography | Underwater Kids | Editing Mentor

My sunshine girl.

Laura Morita Photography | Underwater Kids | Editing MentorBacklighting is my favorite.

Laura Morita Photography | Underwater Kids | Editing Mentor

This one, I really struggled with editing. The SOOC is lacking a great deal of contrast and color, but there was something about the light and her body position that just begged to be showcased. So I worked and worked at it and got this. And I love it. When underwater photography meets editing, I find myself in a happy place. :)

Laura Morita Photography | Underwater Kids | Editing MentorI hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these and much as I’ve enjoyed creating them!

Next up is the wickedly talented Adelle Dazeem…. no, wait, no. Next up, is Lynn Nalty, creative genius behind Square Balloon. 

I’ve gotten a sneak peek already, and yeah, they’re amazing. Go check it out!

And if you want to see more of my underwater photography, I posted more from my first session right here.

You can follow me on Facebook, if you’re so inclined. I tend to be better at posting there. Or there’s Google+ too!

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  1. Lynn
    June 01, 2014

    Do you even know how hard it is to follow you when you are consistantly posting incredible images like these ones?! It’s just not fair dammit. I’ve tried underwater photography and it’s no picnic but you make it look so easy, creating images that could appear in any magazine or billboard across the globe. I adore the somersault one and the black and whites and the eyelashes and and and well, all of them. Your colour editing on these is nothing short of genius. Did I mention that I <3 them?

  2. Lindsay Faber
    June 01, 2014

    Well, I’m glad my post was BEFORE yours. Can I get an Amen for that? These are over the top amazing. I love them so much. I don’t have underwater housing so I am going to live vicariously through you. These are gorgeous. Backlighting plus underwater plus Laura Moritat’s patented editing skillz? Pretty much the best thing ever. Off to check out Adelle Dazeem’s work 😉

  3. Jeanine
    June 22, 2014

    What a great blog circle that you are part of! This images are So cool and inspiring! Your underwater editing, and editing in general, is so amazing!

  4. Wow, amazing photos. I would love to try some underwater photography. Inspiring stuff.

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