Jun 10

My Editing Workshop is Awesome (if I do say so myself)

Last month, I did a three hour editing workshop with the wonderfully talented Jackie from Jackie Jean Photography. We had such a great response from it, that we are doing it AGAIN. I seriously love editing and love teaching it too, so I’m Little Miss Happy about it.

Check it out! It’s called SHINE–Unleash Your Awesome.

You should have a good understanding of how to use Photoshop for this course. We are giving away all our secrets. :)

These are the edits I’ll be covering. Hold onto your seats. I’m unleashing some awesome.

Want more info? Click RIGHT HERE!

In this one, I’ll start editing the picture in Lightroom and then bring it into Photoshop where I’ll bring out the color, get the subject to pop, and remove some of that haze. And for kicks, I’ll show you how to add some sunflare with a cute little rainbow in it. :)


This image, shot in full sun, had some lovely blue sky in the background. I’ll show you how to clean up the background, straighten out that balloon, change it into a heart, and add a cloud overlay.

Lots of people can add a fake sky in Photoshop, but to make it look believable is a whole other thing. I’ve developed a technique that works wonders on adding a fake sky without going completely and utterly insane.

Here’s some of our ads. :)

May 09

AWESOME giveaway!!!

Jackie from Jackie Jean Photography and I are super duper busy getting everything ready for our upcoming LIVE editing workshop on May 19, 4pm-7pm, PST! Neither one of us has ever gone into such detail sharing our post processing secrets, and we are beyond excited that seats are filling up and the day is drawing near! Eek! Have you already gotten your seat? Can’t wait to meet you!

Wanna see what we’ll be teaching? Check THIS out!

If you want more information about the workshop and how to sign up, CLICK RIGHT HERE!

But that’s not all! (I’m feeling like a game show host!) Let me tell you what else we have in store for you!

We’re doing a GIVEAWAY!!! And who doesn’t love a giveaway??

The grand prize winner wins:

1) Jackie Jean Photography’s amazing Imagine series. It’s a set of 50 actions for CS2 and up. AND you win…

2) a sunflare overlay with a cute little rainbow for some added awesome to your backlit images AND

3) a butterfly overlay to add a little whimsy into your day!

And if you come in second or third, you can STILL win the sunflare overlay AND the butterfly overlay. Yea!

Here are the two overlays in action:


You want it? Well, read the details below and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Lol! We have already seen lots of people entering to win who clearly have not read the fine print. You gots to SHARE, people. SHARE!

The contest has already started and ends on May 15. Time’s a tickin’ people!


1. Go to Jackie Jean Photography’s Facebook fanpage and click on “LIKE.” (They really  need a “LOVE” button, if you ask me.)

2. Go to Laura Morita Photography’s Facebook fanpage and click on “LIKE.”

3. SHARE one of our SHINE ads we have on either of our Facebook pages. We made it easy and pinned an ad at the top of our Facebook pages, so it’s niiiice and easy! All you gotta do is click on “SHARE” and post it to your wall.

4. Come back over here, look for that doohickey below this information that says LOG IN TO ENTER and do what it tells you to do.

That’s it! Winners will be contacted by email within 48 hours after the giveaway ends, and if you didn’t follow the instructions on how to enter, then NO SOUP FOR YOU! You won’t win. You gotta do all the steps listed above!

Oh, and just so you know, this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Facebook is released from any liability.

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Family Photography | April | 11 on 11

It’s been a dang fine month. And I’m sort of wishing this project was called 25 on 25 or something, cuz I have lots of images I want to share. But I will try to limit it to 11-ish. If you don’t know what this 11 on 11 project is, you can read about it right here.

Let’s get this party started. If you saw last month’s post, then you know my daughter turned 10. I had fun with her pictures for that. She celebrated her birthday with her friends at a gymnastics place. She had a blast. And because I didn’t want any leftover cake, those kids got the BIGGEST pieces of cake ever. LOL. I don’t think any of them even finished their plate.

We went for a hike. It was a really pretty day.

My daughter was having a grand ol’ time.


My son… well, he was sighing heavily because I made him stand there for 2 seconds. Poor child of a photographer.

The planets aligned this year because all of my siblings’ kids had the same Spring Break. This hasn’t happened in three years.

It.  Was.  Awesome.

I love my family.

Of course, we had to go to Target. And in a rare moment, the dude WANTED me to take his picture. Shocking.  Seriously.

We went to Japantown in San Francisco. I am in love with this wall.

And for a very strange reason, my daughter’s head grew very very big. Her usually normal sized hat now looked incredibly small. Weird.

My niece is actually a panda with duck lips.

And my nephew is uber cool.

My niece is seriously just the cutest little girl. I adore her little underbite and her voice and her giggle. She’s fantastic.

This is my  youngest nephew. He’s in love with my kids, especially my daughter. He is energetic and adorable. I swear, my siblings make really cute kids.

Um, 11 is not enough pictures when my entire family was here. Don’t count. I can’t stop.

My dad has a photography gallery going on right now. He’s an incredibly talented photographer.

My mom continues to fight hard. She starts “maintenance chemo” this week. Hoping those brain tumors get the message and just stay the heck away. I love the relationship my daughter and mom have. It makes me melt. That one on the left was a simultaneous blink from the two biggest blinkers in my family. I love it. I love them.

OK. Let’s pretend that I have now shared 10 images. I will now share my 11th image!  A self portrait of sorts. A family self portrait at that!

The story that goes along with this picture is a doozy. If I ever see you in person, you should ask me about it. Let’s just say it’s a miracle that this picture happened with relatively everyone smiling. :) Most of the spouses couldn’t make it since they have non-school jobs and don’t get a Spring Break. My sister in law was respresentin’ the in-laws. She’s aces.

And one last one of my parents and their four children. The one in the striped shirt is their favorite. Obviously.

I had to do some serious culling to get that down to 11, or um, close to 11. Next up is the insanely talented Sallykate Photography. She’s such an amazing photographer, and I am honored to be part of this blog circle with her. Go check her out. She just got a fisheye lens, I’m just gonna take a guess that MAYBE she’s showing some of that stuff off over there.

Bye now!