Underwater Portrait Photography | August 11 on 11

Let’s just start this off by saying that today is my 12 year anniversary. Happy Anniversary, sweetie! Thanks for sticking with me! I love you!

Summer is in full swing here, which means, I hardly have time to get this blog post up. So let’s just see if I can keep this to 11 images this time.

I’ve had this idea for a while, but finally took and edited the picture. See the original HERE.

She cut 10 inches of her hair to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, but before I could send it off, I needed to make this picture happen.

And I got an underwater bag.

And I’m obsessed.

My self portrait this month wasn’t taken by me, so it’s not really a self portrait. But, I had to share this beautiful picture taken by the talented Christie Hobson of Christie Hobson Photography. We were down in Orange County for our summer vacation, and I HAD to hire Christie to capture our family. I love her. Check out more of the session right here.

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Up next is my amazingly talented friend, Taryn from Blu Hippo Photography from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Her work always makes me feel calm and happy. I know you’ll love it too!…

Family Photographer | July 11 on 11

Hallelujah! Summer is here! And that means that I am busy as can be with my kids, so this is gonna be one of those, share quickly and move on type of blog posts.I got kids to tend to and games to play.

First off, we went to San Francisco and rode the cable cars. And you know what? It’s the first time my kids have ridden them. When you live around San Francisco, I guess you tend to not do the touristy type of things. But it was fun.

We happened to go on the day that Vice President Joe Biden was in town. I guess his route intersected the cable car route, so the cable cars were stopped while we waited for him to go by. I didn’t really mind cuz I got this.

Then we were off to Ghiradelli Square for some ice cream. That’s my niece with my brother and sister in law. She’s adorable.

And while we waited for those cable cars, these two had a grand ol’ time. I love their love. It’s perfection.

And while I didn’t shoot this during this last month, I did re-edit this shot. This is my son. He’s got incredible fashion sense. The original had a really busy background, and it had to go. I love what I can do in Photoshop. Why would I re-edit this shot? I needed to find the perfect image to show JOY because my sweet mom got a clear brain MRI. She has fought brain cancer for…gosh, going on 3 1/2 years now, and a clear MRI is reason to celebrate!

I’m teaching my daughter to sew, just like my mom taught me.

My nephew came for a visit.


My brother and his daughter were here too. We played. It was fun.

We went swimming too.



I’m supposed to share a self portrait, but it just hasn’t panned out this month. So, how about I share an old image that my dad took the day I became a mom? The only reason I put my watermark on here is because my dad doesn’t have one. He’s workin’ on it. My dad started my passion for photography a long time ago. He’s awesome, and so is this picture, taken most likely within the first 30 minutes of my daughter’s life.

Next up is the fabulously talented and sweet Fran Barker from Columbus, Ohio. Love her and love her work! Go check her out!


Family Photographs | June 11 on 11

I’m embarrassed that I missed last month’s 11 on 11. I was getting ready for my online editing workshop. Well, I finished that workshop and am getting ready for another one. (Go check it out! ) But how could I miss another 11 on 11? I am extremely proud to be associated with this amazing group of photographers. They push me to be a better photographer and person. I just HAD to get my act together.

And so I stepped away from the computer, and shot some new pictures. Thanks, ladies, for giving me the push to get out there and do some shooting. I have MAD LOVE for y’all.

Oh, and if you have no idea what this 11 on 11 thing is, you can read about it right HERE.

So, since I missed last month’s, if, theoretically, I posted 22 images instead of 11, then that would be okay, right? And likely, no one bothers counting how many pictures are actually posted so whatever I post would be fine, right? OK. Just making sure.

Let’s get this party started. First, some that I shot in May. My daughter donated 10 inches of her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

You can see what she looked like before the haircut right here.

Self portraits seem to go way better with the kids when I hand them the remote.

And some from June….

Crazy Hair Day at school may very well be my daughter’s very favorite day of school. She practiced doing this all week and woke up early to get it just right. We went organic strawberry picking at Swanton Berry Farms in Davenport. Loved it. Want to go again.The sky was having a hard time making an appearance that day. It was gray and dingy looking for a good chunk of the time we picked strawberries. Luckily, I know how to add a fake sky. :) Wanna learn how? Check out my upcoming editing workshop on June 23.


After picking 20 pounds of strawberries, we headed toward the store to weigh, pay, snack, and play.


This place was just cool. Lots of neat antique toys and games. I was dying over the window light and colors.

The dude was pretty interested in the Magic 8 Ball. “Will I get lots of new Pokemon games for Christmas?” Um, sorry, dude. Outlook Not So Good….

My little reader…..

There was an antique Howdy Doody doll just hanging out. Sorry to break this to you, but Howdy Doody is sort of creepy.

Despite the creepy factor, I found myself rather enamored by the antique ventriloquist doll with no clothes and a gap between his teeth. I figured he deserved a seat in one of my self portraits. Not as cute as my son, for sure, but Howdy Doody DOES stay still. That’s a plus.

So, that was pretty much 11 pictures… times three or something. Next up is the fabulous Alison from Alison Janki Photography. Go check her out and follow the link at the end of her post. Keep clicking through for lots of wonderful eye candy. Make it all the way through the circle, and you’ll make it right back here, just in time for Howdy Doody Time.…