Life Stories: The Story of a Girl, a Pink Hat, and a Mother’s Love| San Francisco Bay Area Child Photographer

Once there was a girl who had a new pink hat. She loved her pink hat.  It matched her pink sunglasses…. It even matched her pink hair. She was a girl that could be sassy, serene, silly. Sometimes, when she was thinking, she would hold her hands just like this. She was contemplative.  Sometimes quiet. Sometimes… not. But one thing was for sure.  She took her mommy’s breath away. Again and again. And again…. Her mommy looked into her daughter’s big brown eyes, and with just the briefest glimpse, everything was right with the world. Everything. Sometimes, when her mommy looked at her, she saw a little girl. But with just the slightest shift in perspective, she would realize that her little girl was growing up… …into someone amazingly beautiful… …with a depth behind her eyes that always took her mommy’s breath away. And while her mommy loved watching her daughter grow into such an amazing big girl… …she still was a little sad. When the girl with the pink hat realized that her mommy was sad, she felt sad too. “What’s the matter, Mommy?” she asked, peering earnestly  into her mommy’s eyes. “”Oh, sweetie,” said the mommy forlornly, “will […]

Life Stories: The Story of Woodpeckers at Muir Woods | San Francisco Bay Area Lifestyle Photographer

It’s time for this month’s Life Story.  I’m so impressed with myself that I haven’t missed one month of this monthly project!  Excuse me while I take a moment to pat my own back. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? Sheesh. Oh,  sorry….  Let me get you up to speed. Here’s a little blurb about what I’m up to: Ever see a photographer who starts out with a 365 day project, or even a 52 week project and never finishes? Yeah, me too.  Well, I  joined a group of a few other busy photographers who decided to commit to a 12 month project! Wish us luck! The best part is that it will be totally candid, lifestyle shots of each of our own families/lives.  This is a challenge for us to capture our every day worlds and hopefully make us and everyone aware that our “ordinary” is actually “extraordinary.”  We’re calling the series “The Story of ________” and we’ll each be filling in our own blanks. At the end of this post is a link to another photographer who participated and she’ll be linking to someone else. It’s a whole big circle of […]