San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer | My Photographer Friends are Way Cool (Part 2)

Oh goody!  This week I am featuring a photographer whom I hold near and dear to my heart!  Clarice Hendel of Studio Cee Photography in Orange County, CA.  When my sister was pregnant, and I couldn’t get there to do her maternity pictures, Clarice stepped in, and WOW, did she knock it out of the ballpark.  So, this week, not only do I get to feature someone who I adore both as a person and as a photographer, but I also get to feature an image that I super duper adore, cuz it’s my SISTER.

Here’s her information:




Why do you love this image?

I think this image stands out for me because my beautiful model “P” stands out so well with the beautiful pacific ocean as the backdrop. I also  really love how the light bounces on her belly.

What were your settings with this image?

ISO 100, f/2.8, 1/5000ss, 28-75mm lens / 28mm focal

What do you love about Photography?

I love the creative freedom that I have when picking up a camera. It really provides endless amounts of opportunity for me to explore new creative ideas. Not only can I photograph newborns but I can also photograph all ages, groups, landscape and macros…it’s endless!

What type of Photography do you specialize in and why?

I specialize in newborns. When I first ventured into the world of photography it was soley due to an experience that I had with a local newborn photographer that I had hired to photograph my darling son at 8 days old. I was so fascinated by what she was doing. When I saw the final images I was even more captivated and I knew it was something that I needed to explore in the future.

What are your favorite hobbies and pastimes?

I love traveling. My husband and I traveled a lot before we had our children and a trip to Kauai was always on our agenda each year and still is as parents something we try to do every year. I also recently took up knitting and I enjoy that a lot.

Who or what inspires you?

Oh gosh where do I begin? There are so many photographers that inspire me! But I am also inspired by the creativity I see in magazines, just browsing around etsy but I think nature inspires me to see beauty everywhere.

What would your ideal day be like?

It would be 1/3 day of accomplishments, 1/3 day with family, 1/3 day for myself.

If you weren’t a photographer, what other profession would you like to pursue?

It would definitely be something in the creative field. I am a graphic designer and worked freelance for many years and loved it. I have studied interior design and I love that too. I am also interested in designing a kids clothing line someday. I use to design and sew all my clothing when I was younger.

So, there you have it!  My sweet Clarice!

Stay tuned next week when I feature Audrey Frantz of Kentiga Photography!

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  1. Kara Layfield
    March 01, 2011

    Great post! Clarice’s feature image is stunning!! I just love everything about it!

  2. desi
    March 01, 2011

    that really IS a great image!
    love clarice’s work

  3. Kate Craft
    March 02, 2011

    Great feature and what a stunning image

  4. Beth
    March 03, 2011

    Wowza… I do love that image… :)

  5. Rachel Aberle
    March 06, 2011

    That girl has talent!

  6. Nicole Ridella
    March 06, 2011

    Clarice’s photo is gorgeous! She is so talented. Thanks for sharing Laura!

  7. Clarice
    March 06, 2011

    Thank you Laura for featuring me and thank you everyone for the kind words!

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