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This year, I am SO excited about a blog circle I am doing with some amazingly talented photographers. Each month, we will be exploring a different kind of light. Last month, it was window light. You can see those images right here!  And this month, we are exploring un-natural light, or artificial light… pretty much, any kind of light that doesn’t come from the sun! I was really excited about this month and also excited about another little thing that has been brewing in my head, so I figured I would combine both of those ideas into one, which brings me to my first image!

I’ve been wanting to miniaturize my kids for a while and finally got around to completing one of my ideas! I’m super happy with how it turned out! I shot the soap, bubbles, and my son with strobes and then manipulated the images in Photoshop to create my little baby boy sliding down a bar of soap!

Laura Morita Photography | Editing Mentor

I have other ideas but wasn’t sure that I wanted to do them with artificial light, so this is the only miniaturized kid for now!

And here are some other images shot with artificial light:

My daughter lit from the bedside lamp at night:

Laura Morita Photography | Editing MentorMy daughter’s hands lit by a candle and my phone (Brightest Flashlight ap) held by my son, camera right:

Laura Morita Photography | Editing Mentor

And then a bunch of pictures shot in the rain and lit by my car’s headlights! This was short, but fun!

Laura Morita Photography | Editing MentorI’m pretty sure my daughter is attacking my son with the umbrella here.Laura Morita Photography | Editing MentorLaura Morita Photography | Editing MentorLaura Morita Photography | Editing MentorLaura Morita Photography | Editing MentorThese were a challenge but SO fun! I seriously am just loving the idea behind this project and hope you do too! I hope to learn how to use light in new ways and was especially excited to play more with artificial light!

So, how this works is you get to go check out another amazing photographer who has also used artificial light this month! Go check out the wonderfully talented Bethesda, MD newborn, baby, and family photographer, Tonya Teran of Tonya Teran Photography! I love her work and if she’s sharing pictures of her kiddos, watch out. They’re ADORABLE.

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