San Francisco Bay Area Children Photographer | Happy Halloween!!!!

I love Halloween.  I always have.  Something is way magical for me about Halloween.  I love just getting to pretend I’m someone else for the day.

My kids love Halloween too.  Their costumes always get so much use as they parade about the house for weeks before and after, and heck anytime all year round.

This year, my daughter reeeeeeaaaaallllly wanted to be a Kimono Princess.  We made a special trip to Japantown in San Francisco on the quest for the perfect kimono.  I think we done good.  Watcha think?

And because I love her silly side:

And my son didn’t get enough of Batman from last year.  So he again makes his appearance as

the big

the bad

the powerful BATBOY!

But, don’t let that fierce face fool you.  He’s still my sweet little baby.


Mountain View Palo Alto Child Photographer | One Year Old Sweetie Pie

I wonder if it starts to sound cliche when I say that I just loved this session.  I seem to walk away loving every session.  But I did.  I loved this session.

I loved this little girl’s face.

I loved her quiet concentration.

I loved watching the love that just oozed from her mommy and daddy.

I loved how hard everyone was willing to work to get her to smile, to look at the camera, to do that thing she does where she bends her head off to the side (sorry–I can’t remember what the Chinese words were.  But I know I heard the request a lot and did my best to say it too!)

I loved that I got to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with these loving parents all so we could  get this sweetie to look at us.  And if I do say so myself, I think we all sounded DARN GOOD!

I loved this session.

Because, really, what’s not to love?

I love her gigantic smile here.  Her daddy loves her so so much.  He was working very hard to get that sweetie to smile.  I mean, that man got a workout!

I loved her smilie face, but gosh, did I ever love her serious face too.  See what I mean?

Look!  A bird!

This one cracked me up.  What is this mysterious Cheerio doing stuck on my finger???

Ahhh…. So many favorites.

But what about that one?  The one where she bends her head to the side???  Did I get that one?  HURRAY!  I DID!  And I love it MADLY.

Thank you so much, P family!  I enjoyed watching you interact with each other and your daughter.  She is absolutely gorgeous and your love for her just warmed my heart.

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Hayward/Castro Valley Children’s Photographer | Yeah, right, they don’t get along

I always interview my clients to get a sense of what they are looking for in a photography session and to learn more about the kids and their personalities.  One of my standard questions is: “do the siblings get along?”

Well, the short answer to this question was “no.”

As we talked, I learned that there were some things the girls liked to do together, and I was determined to get those girls getting along and being happy for our session.  When we first started our session, I could see what the mom was talking about as the girls fought over some props I had brought to the session.  But soon the sibling rivalry that I saw rearing it’s ugly head disappeared to the sounds of happy peals of laughter.  Ahhhh…. success!

This picture just might be my most favorite picture of the session.  I love her squooshed little nose and happy laugh.  I can almost hear it.

And here’s another favorite.

Gosh, so many favorites….

Thank you so much M family!  I loved our session!  If you can get 35 of your friends or family to comment on this blog post with their email (only viewable by me), you’ll get a free 5×7.  If you can get 50,  you get an 8×10.  :)