Family Photographs | March | 11 on 11

This last month may well be remembered as the month that I didn’t shoot very much. I love taking pictures of my kids, but sadly, they don’t so much love me taking said pictures. In an effort to keep them loving me and not running in fear when my camera comes out, I have been, for the most part, just been leaving my camera in its bag. The horror! I’ve enjoyed many uncaptured moments which include making Oreo truffles, painting wind chimes, building Legos, reading books, dancing in the kitchen with our socks on, throwing football… you get the idea. Life has most certainly been happening, even if my camera hasn’t gotten the chance to document all this fun.

But I was determined to get my 11 pictures for this month. If you don’t know what this 11 on 11 thing is, you can read more about it HERE!

So, while pickings may be slim this month, what I can show you is this:

This is Om Nom. Om Nom is the lovable little green guy in the game ap Cut the Rope. My kids are obsessed with him. Um, so am I. He is totally adorable.

San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer | Laura Morita Photography

My daughter performed in the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade for the second year in a row. This parade is the biggest Chinese New Year Parade outside of China. They work SO hard to learn their kung fu moves, songs, and dances. Here’s a shot of her before the parade.

San Francisco Bay Area Child and Family Photographer | Laura Morita Photography

My little guy got his orange belt this month. He refused, I mean REFUSED, to let me take a picture of him wearing his new belt. But I did manage to get this shot of the guy.

San Francisco Bay Area Child and Family Photographer | Laura Morita Photography

He hates my camera now. It’s such a bummer. He used to be my go to guy for pictures, but not anymore. This is more what I usually get. And why is he smiling in that last one? Oh, because he’s doing a spit bubble. Well, at least he’s smiling.

And if you’re counting, these three count as one, cuz I said so.

San Francisco Bay Area Child and Family Photographer | Laura Morita Photography

Wielding a light saber is serious business.

San Francisco Bay Area Child and Family Photographer | Laura Morita Photography

My sweetie had a birthday this month. Can you guess how old she is?

San Francisco Bay Area Child and Family Photographer | Laura Morita Photography

You got it! She’s TEN! HOW did my little baby turn TEN?  How have I been a mother that long? It’s been an amazing ten years, and watching her grow into the amazing ten year old that she is makes me all sorts of proud and giggly. She’s an amazing child. She has been growing her hair out forEVER and is getting ready to chop it all off to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths so that her hair can make a wig for someone who is fighting cancer. She decided to do this on her own, and I think that is amazing. She’s a special girl.

Ten candles for ten years.

San Francisco Bay Area Child and Family Photographer | Laura Morita Photography

San Francisco Bay Area Child and Family Photographer | Laura Morita Photography

San Francisco Bay Area Child and Family Photographer | Laura Morita Photography

I got a little weird with this one. But I LOVE it.

San Francisco Bay Area Child and Family Photographer | Laura Morita Photography

And finally, the self portrait. This almost didn’t happen this month. It’s March 10, and I shot this today. SO thankful I have mad skills in Photoshop. Goodbye wrinkles!

San Francisco Bay Area Child and Family Photographer | Laura Morita Photography


Next up is the amazingly talented Atlanta Area Family Photographer and Rockstar, Kate T. Parker. She’s insane. Like, in a good way, insane. Like, OMG, does every picture she take have to be so dang good??? Answer? Yes. Check her out!

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Family Photographer | February | 11 on 11

How the heck is it February already? Seriously? Really? Nooooo…. really?  OK fine.

If you are just tuning in, I am very much honored to be participating in a monthly project with incredibly talented photographers. On the 11th of every  month, we will post 11 pictures. The doozy being that the 11th picture is a self portrait. It’s our attempt at getting some pictures of ourselves. We all recognize the importance of being in front of the camera, even if we are way more comfortable being behind it.

Let me start with this: an image of my amazing mom and my beautiful daughter. My mom has been fighting brain cancer for three years now. The cancer and the chemo have taken a lot of her strength, and sometimes, I fear it has taken her spirit away too. But when I see a picture like this, where all I see is her strength, and her spirit, and her love shining so powerfully out of those hazel eyes, I take pause, catch my breath, and remind myself to be grateful. I look right back into those eyes and whisper quietly, “I love you mom.”

And here’s a shot of one of our pretty kitties. I loved how the sun was lighting up her whiskers.

My little guy turned seven. That’s a lot of years that I’ve been loving him madly. I’m looking forward to loving him madly for the rest of my days.

This counts as one picture cuz these two kids complete me… you know, in that dramatic Jerry Maquire sort of way. hehe.

I love her joyful face celebrating her little brother’s birthday. I love his puffed up cheeks. Yep. They complete me.


The dude loves orange soda. I’m personally not a fan of giving them soda at all. But as a very special treat, he got some.

He sort of kind of loved it.

This also counts as one picture cuz 14 on 11, um or uh, 17 on 11 doesn’t have the same ring….

I really just wanted a picture of him sitting on his bed. I got these instead. But I love them even more because it’s him. He lies on his back all the time with his feet in the air. He loves Gangnam Style. And he loves not listening to me. LOL.

Come on…. Look at the camera…..

For his birthday, he had his best friend over for a sleepover, and his sister had her best friend over.

I played a little with some long exposure/light painting with the kids. It was kinda fun. Can you see me?

I love swings. I love love love the happy expressions I always get out of this guy when he’s swinging. So carefree.

I much prefer that happy face to the “I’m lost in Nintendo DS world” face.

Oh, who am I kidding. I love all his faces.

Last month, my son tested for his yellow belt. This time, it was my daughter’s turn.

She’s got a mean sidekick. This makes me giggle every time I see it. Kiai!

And I’m just gonna pretend you aren’t counting pics here, cuz I had to share these two of my beauty, just standing in front of the house being her, which is beautiful. Like, crazy so.


OK, seriously. I do know how to count. But, c’mon. How could I NOT share this one?


Getting a self portrait this month almost didn’t happen. I’m bummed I cut off my beautiful Miz Mooz boots, but super happy I have a picture of me with my kids sitting outside our house. They make me all sorts of happy.

I’m doing a horrible job of limiting these pics, but I  just can’t stop myself. Look at my sweet little girl. I love her room. The cloud with the rainbow above her bed was made by my mom. The paper cranes that are hanging in the corner? Also made by my mom. And the butterflies? Well, some came from Pottery Barn, and some were made by me. I love her room, decorated by the women who love her best.


You guys are just not gonna believe the talent that this blog circle has! Go check out Columbus Ohio photographer, Alison Janki Photography.  I know you’ll love her!

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Family Photography | Life Stories: The Story of My Kids and Me

When I first decided that I wanted to learn how to use my camera, it was because I wanted better pictures of my kids. That began a journey that has lead me to where I am today. I’m a photographer now. And Lord knows, I have a lot of beautiful pictures of my children…images I will cherish forever. What I don’t have, mind you, are many pictures of me with my kids. It’s easy for me to be behind the camera, but it’s something entirely different to be in front of it. No one knows how to use my big ol’ camera, so for the most part, I am happy being behind it.

But, I know how important it is to have pictures of my parents…. I LOVE the images I have of my mom and dad.  There really just aren’t enough pictures of my mom and dad when I was growing up…pictures of them with full heads of hair, no wrinkles, no age spots, young and just beginning their lives as parents. So, I decided to change that for my kids. I want them to have lots of pictures of me. I want them to remember when I was young(ish) and carefree(ish).

I want them to remember me.

This desire lead to a monthly project I am participating in this year called “11 on 11.” You can see the first installment right here! This was to be like a lot of other blog circles, where photographers share their favorite personal images from the month, but this had a twist. I suggested to this amazing group of photographers that we include a self portrait, and while there may have been some inner grumblings about it, I’m pretty dang sure they are all starting to love the idea of including themselves in their pictures. It’s fun!

My first self portrait photo shoot of my kids and me was amazing. We laughed the whole way through. It didn’t seem like work. I didn’t have to beg.

It. Was. Magic.

I shared this image as part of my 11 on 11 project.

But I have so many more I wanted to share. So without further ado, here you go… the story of striped pajamas, crazy children, and me, their mother.

They were already playing in my room when I decided to grab my studio lights, tripod, camera, and remote, and get snapping.

My son’s elbows trip me out. Eep!


I can’t stand how much she’s grown up.

I have mad balancing skills AND mad “hide-the-remote-so-you-can’t-see-it-in-the-picture” skills.  :)  Oh wait.. the remote is sitting on my tummy. At least it blends in with my shirt.

That last one cracked me up. I asked them to give me their “nice faces” and that’s what I got. Hahaha! They totally know how to wrap me around their cute little fingers!

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I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I enjoyed shooting them! Who knew self portraits could be fun?

I forgot to mention that this Life Stories thing is a blog circle I have been participating in for over a year now. You can read more about it here.  This might be my last one. I have more on my plate than I can chew, but gosh I have loved doing them!

Next up is the Azure Marie Photography. Azure is a very creative person with a unique and wonderful eye. She’s also gorgeous and kind right down to the very bones. Love her. You will too.…