Playing catch up on the 52 week challenge

OK, OK….  I know.  I’m behind.  I was just sorta excited and all about being on the I Love Photography cover and was having a hard time wanting to post another blog entry.  But now that my 15 minutes of fame is over and my photo no longer graces the cover, it’s time to move on.  Good bye, sweet cover.  It was fun while it lasted.

So, um, yeah.  Behind.  Here’s my attempt at getting caught up.  Still have a couple to go, but let’s just pile a few here right now, k?


Ah, to walk a day in daddy’s shoes….  Well, daddy ends many a day by playing guitar.  So, I thought this would be fitting.  Here’s my girl, rockin’ it out, in daddy’s shoes.  And just another, cuz she’s cute, and I was having fun playing with textures in Photoshop.

hee hee…. Doesn’t this look so REAL?  Is she some sort of child with gigantic feet and extremely short legs?  Bwahahahaaaaaa!!

Silly girl.  I have no idea where she could possibly get her silliness.  Absolutely NO IDEA, at ALL.  I am a totally serious person.

Never silly.

I just don’t get it.



My sweet niece.  Now she just knows how to rock a hat.  Such a cutie.  I love the look of wonder in her eyes.


So, since the foot has shoes, this also could be my entry for SHOES, huh?  AND, cuz the foot has a hat, this also could be my entry for HATS, now couldn’t it?  Now, how’s that for HUGE coincidence, huh?  Have I amazed you with my ingenunity? Have I, now?  Huh???

(note to self: don’t blog when you are tired and punchy.  It’s not becoming….)

I’ve seen this idea executed much better than I did it here, but it still makes me smile.

So, I’m getting there.  I’ve been busy. Too busy.  But hopefully will be back up and posting like a madwoman real soon here.

Thanks for looking!…

52 Week Challenge–WATER

I am a posting machine right now.  If this is any indication of how nerdy I was in school, then, um, yeah, you might just have a good idea of how nerdy I was.  I’m still behind.  I still have 3 themes from the 52 week challenge that I have to get posted: water, money, and shoes.  I’m posting my water pics right now.

I’m catching up.  It feels good.

So, because I am SO dedicated to this 52 week challenge, and I knew that one of the themes was WATER, I decided I had better just pack up the whole family and head to Hawaii, where there’s lots of water.  I’m so dedicated.  So very very dedicated.

These pics were all taken on my trip to Hawaii, where I admit, most of the time, I used a wee little point and shoot so that I didn’t have to lug my “big guns” around.  But, I still got some nice pics!

Where to start?  Well, how about the fantabulous pool that was in our backyard?  We were lucky enough to get to house sit this beautiful house while we were there.  It’s a saline pool.  Easy on the eyes.  And yes, yes, those ARE two sea turtles handcrafted into the bottom of the pool.  And yes, it was really warm.  And yes, there was an outdoor shower and birds and angels singing.  OK, fine.  No angels, but definitely birds.

It was wonderful.

This was a 30 second exposure taken on my tripod on a dark and very windy night.

The kids loved it.  Look at those eyes.  “Mommy?  Can we just stay in here a little longer?”

“Um, okay….”

“Please, Mommy.  Can we please have 1 million dollars?”

“Um…. okay.”

And, I told you I used my point and shoot.  Here are those pics.  This is in Lanikai.  That island out there is one of the Mokulua islands.  When I lived there, we would kayak out there.  I have great memories of this place.

I have a very serious child.  It’s tough how serious he is.  He just doesn’t know how to loosen up and have a good time.

It’s a problem.

The sand in Lanikai is like powder.  VERY fine.  It’s super soft and wonderful.  But, kind of a pain to get off your skin.  Jeez.  Poor me.  I suffered, SUFFERED, trying to get that sand off my feet.

You do feel sorry for me, right?

That’s it!  Thanks for looking!…

52 Week Challenge–TREATS

Y’all are just gonna have to forgive me for my crazy amount of posts going on in here. Being behind in the 52 week challenge makes me feel all weird inside.  Me no like.

So, here’s my late late late entry for TREATS.  These fine lookin’ buggers are my kids and my darling nephew and niece–ten year old twins who are responsible for first giving me the title of Auntie Laura.  They just left, and I miss them so.

While visiting, I busted out some gumdrops and toothpicks to see what they could create.  Good times.  Fun times.  Nothing like a little edible fun.

The creations are now gone.  Destroyed.  Eaten.