Why I do this

Life moves too quickly.

How many times have you been out shopping and been stopped by an elderly person admiring your kids? They look at you with pleading eyes and beg you to please slow down and remember it all.

I always smile and tell them reassuredly that I am taking in every moment. And I am. I’m doing my best to remember it all. Realizing that childhood is all too fleeting. I need to slow down and breathe it all in now.  My baby’s in second grade and lets go of my hand as soon as we get near the playground. My oldest is blossoming into this amazingly confident and bright young girl.  Pride bursts from my heart as I watch my children blossom into thinking, loving human beings, but I dread the day when those eyes that now look up to me with love and admiration start rolling at me because I am decidedly UN-cool.

Time just marches on, and I can’t stop it, but you can bet that I am reveling in today…basking in the wonder of this life… paying attention to those little details that make us all so unique.  If memories are coins, I am stuffing my piggy bank as full as I can today, so that when I need to, I can break open that bank and let those wonderful memories wash over me like warm rays of sunshine, reminding me of a time when

…the tooth fairy was real,

…magic was undeniable,

…and a kiss from mommy made everything better

I capture the way you are,

so you’ll remember the way you were.